Three Important Estate Planning Documents

When writing an estate plan, you may not know where to start. Predicting the future is impossible and making decisions on those predictions is daunting. Regardless of what tomorrow holds, you can take steps today to clearing up the future for you and your family.

This process starts with by using the legal methods available via estate planning. When writing an estate plan, you can use the professional guidance of an estate planning attorney. Law Office of Jason Galvan helps all families in San Antonio and Bexar County through this process with consistent, thorough and trustworthy advice.

After you discuss your family's wishes with an attorney, the most significant task comes in putting the plan in writing. A variety of documents are associated with estate planning. Each one of these documents can be used individually or combined effectively in a larger plan.

Tailored Plans Are Available To Your Family

You have many options when writing an estate plan that is suitable for your family's needs. With nearly a decade of experience in practice, Law Office of Jason Galvan understands the nuances of each document and how they can be used to your advantage under Texas law.

Three estate planning documents you can use include:

  • A will outlines the passing of your assets according to your wishes. Careful guidance is necessary for reducing tax burdens for large estates and in ensuring the document is written in accordance with the law.
  • A trust allows your loved ones to take control of your assets at a time you deem appropriate. A lawyer will help you in outlining a trust's beneficiaries and how you will fund it for the future.
  • A power of attorney gives specific family members control of a set of assets when certain circumstances arise. These powers can be narrow or broad depending on your wishes and circumstance.

Using the tools of estate planning today can work to your advantage in outlining the future your family. Law Office of Jason Galvan is pleased to help you get started in this process. Send an email or call 210-899-3631 today for your appointment.